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Map Engraved Insulated Beverage Bottles

Map Engraved Insulated Bottle

Care Instructions

This is not your average drinking vessel. It's a durable but finely crafted work of art. Take care of it by washing in warm soapy water. With proper care, you'll be sipping your favorite beverage from it for years to come.

About These Cola Style Bottles

Maps tell a story - your favorite vacation spot, the place you met someone special, where you call home.

These classic cola style bottle has a 17oz (500 mL) capacity. It measures 10.25 in (27 cm) in height and has a 2.85 in (7.2 cm) outer diameter. Our bottles are made from 100% food-grade 18/8 stainless steel.

Double layer insulation keeps your cold drinks chilled for 12-24 hours and hot drinks hot for 8-10 hours. These bottles are made to go wherever the day takes you.

They Make Great Collectibles and Gifts!

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