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Himalyan Salt Lamps

New generation salt lamp that can be used in 3 ways.

  • As a salt lamp/air ionizer,
  • Decorative night light
  • Essential oil diffuser.

Made out of 100% authentic salt crystals from Himalaya Mountains’ Salt Mines. It's pure, organic and 100% Handcrafted.

Size: 4.8" width X 5.5" height
Material: Salt Rock-Glass
Design: Butterfly
Power Source: Electric-corded
Electric Material: 6' Ft UL Listed cord with base and dimmer switch button (included)
Light Bulb: 15W B-12 (included)
Country/Region of Manufacture: Pakistan-China-USA
Shipment from: USA


The little light bulb inside the lamp heats up the salt crystals and warm salt minerals merge into air and release negative ions while purifying the surrounding air. Negative ions are healthful ions that make us feel less depressed and more energetic. That’s the reason we feel way better when we go to the ocean beaches because oceans are one of the biggest negative ion generators.

Himalayan Salt Lamp is great for you if you've been suffering from “allergy, asthma, bronchitis, sinus problems or any kind of sleeping problems”. It is going to give you a great relief especially night time. It is absolutely safe, you can leave it on 24 hours and it will never get too hot or catch on fire.It comes with 6ft UL listed dimmer cord and light bulb.

Also , no one knows it but Himalayan salt rocks are number one natural essential oil diffusers as well . When you put a few drop of essential oils on top of the crystals, warm salt crystals will diffuse your essential oil all night long in the most natural way. No chemical at all, no mess like candles or wax cubes. No matches needed like candles so you  can use it literally in every room or places. It would be a great replacement for your candles if you don't feel safe when your candles are burning.

So, you will get the benefits of salt rocks and essential oils together.However, we only recommend you to use it with pure essential oils. Not any kind of aroma or
fragrance oils.

Without a doubt, Himalayan salt lamp is a great gift idea too.It is one of a kind product that can't be found everywhere easily.It is all handcrafted by the artisans and made with all high quality materials.It is made in Pakistan and China , designed and assembled in California. It comes with different glowing design options. It appeals to everyone.

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